cost to repair dents and alloys

most common questions from customers on daily basis . regarding dent repairs , alloy wheel refurbish , bumper repairs , paint work and car body cosmetic repairs . including prices , finishing times , color match etc.

  • 1-how much dent repair cost
  • 2-how much alloy wheel refurbish cost
  • 3-can you repair dented bumper
  • 4-can you repair broken bumper
  • 5-can you match color . specially some complicated colors
  • 6-how long it take to complete repair
  • how long it take to refurb alloy wheel 
  • can you replace bumper
  • will you take alloy wheel off to refurb
  • do you use water base paints 
  • how long it take to dry paint repairs
  • can you do paint touch up 
  • can you spray bonnents and roof
  • do i need appointment for dent repairs 
  • can you do smart repairs 

answer is not simple , all prices depend on damage and area , for example bumper damage , lets says if  bumper got scratches on one side , then will take 3 hours to repair and if got scratches on both sides will take longer to complete repairs so do price.

best option is just send us few pics , and we will send you quote.

diamond cut alloy smart repair , we only repair area that need to be repaired , not like machine cut that cut alluminium from all sides even for small scratch .

this is called smart repair , as we only repair small scrach on door and spray very little on only scuff area .so rest of door is untouched for untracable repair.

mobile body shop . IMI qualified . Experience lease return fixer .

100% colour match . high quality finish .